Frank Lampard Talks About England Team’s Performance

It is often the former footballers who are able to point out where the faults of their country team lies and what improvements need to be done in order to get them to perform better.

For instance the Euro 2016 saw the England team crash out when they played against Iceland. Frank Lampard as a former midfielder who has pointed out that the country’s team was not able to perform as per their full potential. As a result the team has not been able to hold onto their position and was undermined easily by an easy opponent.

Lampard is in a position to pass comment on England’s performance as he had won about 106 caps as well as scored about 29 goals for the country when he was active on the field. He also featured in about four major league games in the country. However, even in his participation times, the country had not been able to go past the quarter finals.

He stated that it is definitely worse when the country gets knocked out of any tournament, but this time he felt that the team had a chance if they had not underperformed. He also gave credit to the opponent team Iceland as they had played well against England. They had put in hard work and received the results of that. Hence he felt that Iceland had given England fair play, which England was unable to cash in on. He felt that the quality of players for England is superior and it should not have been difficult for them to defeat the opponent team. He stated that the team lacked the spirit or the urge to win for the country or as a team. The team definitely needs a boost and the right motivation to get wins for the country.