25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – 2013/2014 Season Promo

  1. oh shit playign everton next. lukaku will rape our defense but it’s good he went to everton cuz he wasn’t going to score that many goals if this was his first season at chelsea. so why not play for everton and score multiple goals like benteke at aston villa and then come back to chelsea and we can sell ba

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  4. Great video as usual Spin… nice to see Super Frank continue his scoring on Sunday, (despite the penalty miss) !!!!

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  6. am soo glad i saw this video. the build up with the audio is just amazing. cant wait for a wonderful season ahead. UP CHELSEA!!!! #blueblood

  7. Today with Hazard, De Bruyne and Lukaku and in a few years Courtois and Charly Musonda Junior will also join the first team. With 5 Belgian supertalents like that we’ll play champion 3 times in a row! 😉

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