25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – Chelsea play American Football with the Seahawks

  1. Guys, calm down.´╗┐ I’m British but American football is very good, and I would love to see it in the UK. Soccer is not at all a yankee word, it was made in Oxfordshire. I watch a lot of NFL, it’s a very respected sport in my opinion, the players are very fair to others and they have great sportsman ship. People get very worked up about names these days, what’s it honestly gonna do? The worst is obviously confusion, no more. I’m a bit of a 49ers fan myself. ­čśë

  2. It’s our culture. It’s our word. If we wanna call a sport by a different word then we will. We don’t check to see if okay. It’s wrongly mis-titled by who’s standards? yours? aaand? We call it football. It’s only a big deal if you make it a big deal. We do have our own culture just like you have yours. It’s NOT´╗┐ THAT SERIOUS.

  3. What would happen to world soccer if kids here would rather play it than football? The US would dominate international competition.´╗┐

  4. Superior in what way? Strength, size? sure. but Stamina, agility, vision? Nope ´╗┐

  5. “you tour the same places as manchester united yet no´╗┐ where newr the number turn up” then surely that means Man u have more bandwagoners than chelsea?

  6. The ones that like it call it´╗┐ american football or football the majority call it by what it mostly resembles “handegg” i call it american football btw.

  7. Chelsea ooes a good job of establishing a fanbase here in the US out of all the european teams they come here the most and they all seem chill. My favorite team is inter but´╗┐ its impossible not to like chelsea as well.

  8. umm we do have our´╗┐ own culture… We invented baseball which is the “great american pastime”

  9. Re-read again, I’m talking about so called ‘American culture’ – if there is such a thing, instead´╗┐ of dwelling on being an immigrant nation, get your own history and culture, created your own instead of ripping off ours and changing a few names round just to try and make it look unique when it is just a rip off with a new name.

  10. Of course you wont but keep that shit so called culture to yourself, and do not DARE bring your made up Yankee words and wrongly mis-titled sports to anything to do with the British isles and it’s nations.
    And stop ripping off´╗┐ every other nations culture and history, get your own, you’re still a set of Plastic Paddie minded scum and act more like a colony patch work owned by many other nations rather than a nation of your own.
    You’ve been your own nation over two centuries now, act like it Yank.

  11. it doesn’t matter .. us brits´╗┐ have decided we are going to start kissing Russian and Chinese arse from now on .. so America will be up shit creek from now on .. you wont be laughing then

  12. pffft. We have the strongest army in the´╗┐ world. Maybe you guys can come over here on July 4th and celebrate us kicking you guys out of our country.

  13. well you better had change the name or us brits´╗┐ will come over to America and burn down your whitehouse again

  14. it’s simple logic. Do you really expect us´╗┐ to change the name of our most popular sport for your football. No. Since it is more of a minor sport here, we call it soccer, since football is already taken. It will ALWAYS be called soccer here. It is in our culture and our history. Get over it.

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