25 thoughts on “England captain John Terry shielded from Anton Ferdinand racism questions

  1. Filthy Broken Britain,

    Don’t mention ‘wife-writing’?

    Don’t mention the UK’s black & asian pillaged slums? (The same property in an asian slum is worth 25-33% of the normal figure – ask any agent in any town).

    Don’t mention the ethnic military mercenaries in the NHS & public services?

    Ok, – Then don’t mention you OR your damaged children.

    Autism Genocide – (Flickr)
    Anna Funder (Author – Stasiland)


  2. Really assholes.!!? terry is a great person and a great captain and I’m pretty sure we have all judged someone when we are in the middle of a game just that John had the balls to say it and it fucking human nature.!!!

  3. I don’t think he’s racist! He probably did say it but it was in the heat of the moment and not really meant! He definitely shouldn’t of done it but tempers do fly during a match.. Just my opinion of course and I’m sure that others will disagree!


  5. racist bastard, most whites can never argue without using the word nigger, buyt i tell you something if a white person calls me a nigger, i would give them the negro thump know that!!!

  6. Is it racism to call a Negro a Negro, what the fuck Anton Ferdinand as goody two shoes, stick your tongue out at the big boy and then run crying to mommy.Anton Ferdinand is a looser and so all of you bastards who tried to crucify JT.

  7. And hes not even Black he is (Half-Caste) his mother is white like Terry. Anton Ferdinand was 50% (CREATED) (PRODUCED) and (INVENTED) by the Sexual Organs of a White european woman. So Terry is a blind cunt for not being able to tell the difference between a (Mixed-Race) person and a Black person. (Racially-Mixed) people and Black people are 2 different races. Biracial people have Equal amounts of White D.N.A Ancestors and Relatives as Black D.N.A Ancestors and Relatives.

  8. I am not talking about the coach or picking black players, Yes your right we cant just call people racist without evidence, but on the otherhand think the jury is out on terry and hes antics, there’s no need to defend him, the problem the media and the footballing community give these players chance after chance, Had I been the head of the FA I probably would have banned terry years ago.

  9. If you were a true racist you would pick a less black squad. We can’t look in peoples hearts only God knows that we can only go on what we see outwardly and outwardly he is not racist it appears

  10. So that doesnt mean that you couldnt be racist, players can hold their views in if their getting paid 100k a week

  11. He’s much more successful than any prick like you who are probably the reason that he’s been having a hard time and that the world is unfair. Anyways, I don’t see why you should suddenly assume that he’s “racist” based one racial insult on a player, infact you have no evidence at all weather the case is true or weather he is racist, so quit cocking shit out of your mouth.

  12. It looks like he was about to cry poor John. Fuck the FA. They have no evidence that he was racist to Ferdinand. He could have been talking about the foul or something. Man United get let off all the time. Alex Ferguson hasn’t even apologised to Chelsea,QPR, Fulham for the Biastness of the referees at the time. All the Man U players are cheats Young, Nani all of them. As a Chelsea Fan I probs want Man City to win the league.

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