24 thoughts on “Frank Lampard – Chelsea’s all time top scorer

  1. pitch invasion at an away match: tell me again that we’re not passionate fans.

  2. Hes my the most favourite playa along with Michael Ballack. In my eyes their both best. Joe Cole is third. 🙂

  3. Scholes isn’t over rated. Scholes, Lampard and Gerrard are all immortal legends of English football.

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  5. Fuck Paul Scholes and the Man Utd fans that overate him, Lampard is the best English Midfielder ever!

  6. No offence but , when did you start watching football , cuz i dont think you know what ‘world class’ is.

  7. They’ve always been an average team in the last 10 years, They’ve always had hype and provided nothing, when it comes to the big games, Lamps, Gerrard, Rooney etc do nothing. Lampard probably a top English player, but there’s not one world class player from England and I’m sorry Lampard doesn’t fit world class either in my mind, For England he sooo average.

  8. Even if he has scored half as many goals he still would’ve been considered a fantastic player. He runs the game better than almost any other English player of his generation, behind maybe only Scholes, and his understanding and application of the game is probably second to none. What I’m saying is you belittling him because he’s not exciting is pretty stupid for lack of a better word. And everyone on the English national team looks average now, because they are an average team with a lot hype.

  9. Well I wouldn’t say its ignorance, The comment I made was simply What I see out of my eyes and Im just not a fan at all, Chelsea fans are obviously gonna love him and diss and swear as typical, but as a fan of football I am entitled to my opinion. For me he’s very basic, when he scores I forget about it the day after. Statistically yeah agreed he has a great record, but he never excites me and he should retire from national football too,cos players these days make him look average if not below.

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