24 thoughts on “Frank Lampard – TOP 25 BEST GOALS EVER

  1. he often leaves the defensive area, which is pretty frustating. that situation forced the three amf to track back and prevented them doing the playmaking duty.

  2. he did play behind the 2 strikers in the diamond formation under carlo. but i guess the hate is coming from liverpool and arsenal fans. those berkshire hunts are stuck in the past. lampard would score 10+ even if he was a goalkeeper.

  3. You may say what you want but his best goal is the penalty he score for his mum…

    Rip Pat Lampard

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  5. Im a Manchester United fan, but how can you not say that Lampard is the best midfielder in the Premier League. The man is 34 years old and scores double digits every season. He is a legend. My favorite Midfielder in the Premier League

  6. thats where he plays now…not when most of these goals where scored. i do support chelsea and lampard is on of my favourite players, just stating fact

  7. I can never understand people claiming that Lampard’s goal against Barcelona was a cross. If it was a cross then who was he supposed to be crossing the ball to? The only possibility is Joe Cole but he has only just arrived on the edge of the box when the ball was struck.

    If you watch the post match interview Lampard admits that it was intentional and that he often practices shooting from tight angles in training.

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