1. “if you guys had any brains you would realise.”

    Based off of what? Because John Terry said that in his defense? What because it vaguely looks like he said it?

    It also vaguely looks like he says “Hahahaha you f—–black c—-“.

    And also what does this have to do with supporting United? That’s such an immature thing to say, people don’t hate John Terry because they support an opposing club, they hate him because of what he is.

  2. I’m not, I’m a Stoke City fan, so I’m impartial.

    The first time I watched it, I’d have said I agree with you. The more I watch it, the harder it becomes to tell because of the player who obscures the camera. Regardless, I wouldn’t say he’s the loveliest of individuals would you? His brothers pretty scummy too.

  3. So what if a person shouted a racist remark, on a field of people who probably always shout racist and sexual fuelled insults at each other to put them off their game in a stadium full of racists.

  4. United supporters don’t attack Chelsea, Chelsea attack us, Liverpool and Arsenal as well. Yet we still show you respect. We’re the most hated club in the world and it makes me feel like no one understands us. Give respect, then they take the respect and burn it.

  5. if u cant take an insult ur skin is a thin as could be, i always get called terrorist and im joining the army as an eod tech and. im indian in a completely white part of town and i can deal with it, and if u did that u would get punched in the face, so yeh u got a point should get offended just should b able to deal with it. i posted that about 5 months ago dude.

  6. So I go to a family of mexicans and say “You all jumped the border, get to my house cut my grass clean my house..” and those people SHOULDN’T get offended? You’re ridiculous.

  7. But he did..? He says black cunt in the end right? why not just say “Nah I didn’t fucking call you that knobhead.”

  8. He says I “didn’t” which is hard to tell if he really said that, but still continued through with the black cunt remark, Why not just say “No I didn’t fucking call you that knobhead.”

  9. It’s the fact that he has to point out that he’s black. If you were to say “Oh you cunt” It wouldn’t be as bad. Because it’s just banter and foul language, But when you throw in “You brown?white?black? cunt” it’s unnecessary. and really just comes out as a racist remark. you don’t see any black players acting out like this, but if anton should’ve been the one to call him Cracker or white cunt or something, then yes, it’d be considered racist.

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