24 thoughts on “John Terry – Captain, Leader, Legend

  1. i said “you blind cunt” not “you black cunt”. he used to be a big united fan you know. c-o-c-k-n-e-y cockney reds will never die.

  2. Even though we won the Champions League, it still kills me when he misses that penalty in Moscow on 50 seconds

  3. John you must be so proud of your old man today he’s such a plonker ha ha,shame.

  4. john terry is a hasbeen, hes a cheat, his mums a stealer, his dads a dealer . the whole family should be gassed

  5. Terry will never leave Chelsea 4sure. How can Turkish people believe the opposite?? True Dreamers. You bought Bruno Alves anyway.

  6. Chelsea has always been playing long pass, boring. dull, ugly, stupid, talent-less football, against most opponent. And you can’t compare them with other team that play good counter-attack football because when other team are doing a counter attack, they still play one-two, one touch pass and beautiful football. What Chelsea did in counter-attack was playing like Stoke, which makes me vomit. I’m glad that they’ve changed recently.

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