15 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho on John Terry – Football – He is not a racist

  1. Forgot to mention. US, non-whites were clear Chelsea fans to begin with, yelled the word “picture please” non-stop, yet he went to the ones with DC shirts yelling “hey come here”.

  2. racist i can confirm. 2005 DC United vs. Chelsea FC. Chelsea had a great game, fenced around their bus and did autographs over 30 minutes (no rush at all). That day, JT only played 2/3 of 2nd half, meaning he wasn’t even tired. Yet, he skipped me and my bro(asians), and about four african americans in the center of fence, went from left side to right side (only whites with DCU shirts). Autograph by SWF, duff, lampard, drogba, many more, but no JT.

  3. yeah i’m nigerian and not racist but sometimes i call other people of the opposite race stuff that they don’t like to hear but that’s because they say stuff about me that’s racist and i’m not trying to be mean to the oppsite race but i’m just talking about that ceratin person that said bull about me

  4. yeah how can he be a racist when he is captain of chelsea and played with drogba, essien, mikel, kalou, anelka, sturridge, etc.(many more).

  5. If you’re being sarcastic at the beginning i’ll tell you this; I’ve made a racist insult at someone before with an attempt to hurt them just like they did me for being short, and hispanic, and ugly. I absolutely hate racism but this wasn’t about prejudice, it was about defending myself and I just picked something that would hurt. We know that Suarez and Terry are pretty nasty people but I doubt they’re racist

  6. Neither Louis Suarez nor John Terry are racist in my opinion, look at both situations and you will find that they are trying to anger their opponents rather than making a controlled comment. Disgusting though it is, I don’t believe either comments were made because of what they believe

  7. He made a racist comment but he’s not racist… Pick a course if ur incriminating or defending him

  8. Filthy Broken Britain,

    Don’t mention ‘wife-writing’?

    Don’t mention the UK’s black & asian pillaged slums? (The same property in an asian slum is worth 25-33% of the normal figure – ask any agent in any town).

    Don’t mention the ethnic military mercenaries in the NHS & public services?

    Ok, – Then don’t mention you OR your damaged children.

    Autism Genocide – (Flickr)
    Anna Funder (Author – Stasiland)


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