A resounding 4-0 victory over Austria Vienna sees Atletico Madrid securing their place into the 2nd round of the Champions League as they continue making their impressive journey of this season.

It’s been nothing but positive results for Atletico Madrid in a season that they are keeping the pressure against the leaders of La Liga Barcelona only being 3 points behind them and already advancing into the next stages of the Champions League.

They have even taken a step ahead of Real Madrid in La Liga standings.

Thibaut Courtois made a move to Atletico Madrid on a loan deal from Chelsea but after a number of superb performances with the Spanish club, a permanent move is becoming more viable.

Atletico Madrid’s defender Toby Alderweireld spoke about the situation that Courtois is going through and it he said it would be a wise decision to make a permanent move to the club after he has seen what the 21 years old goalkeeper can do for the team.

“He is very smart and I think it would be a good choice for him to maybe stay with Atletico, or go to another club where he will be number one,” Alderweireld told Sky Sports.

“He does not want to sit on the bench for eight games then play for one. I don’t think he has a weak point and I think he can be the best ‘keeper in the world. He is good with the ball, he is good with his feet and he is great on his line’’.

“I see him in training every day and I see him in games and I doubt there are any ‘keepers better than him.”

Taking into consideration that Petr Cech is Chelsea’s undisputed man in between the posts, it might just be the best decision for Courtois to play with a club that has allowed him make appearances in the Copa Del Rey and Europa League while in Chelsea he is used as a backup more than anything else.