25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba Angry After Chelsea Lose In The Champions League

  1. “it’s a disgrace, it’s a disgrace, it’s a fucking disgrace….” then he mentions something about UEFA but it gets cut off

  2. realmadrid, chelsea, bayern,dortmund, liverpool,ajax,juventus, man utd, ac milan, inter, atletico madrid, benfica are all better clubs that this bullshit barca scumbags. talking about other clusb getting money. your best player isn’t even from spain so stfu. one man team. all the otehr teams mentioned can use reserve squad and still win trophies. without messi y’all are shit. y’all were onylg ood in the late 1990s but nopw y’all are just cheaters and divers.

  3. I bet you dont know anything about football chelsea didnt win by luck it was by pure work rate getting people behind the ball takes a lot of energy and to make a counter attack out of it is just as hard GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  4. Certainly a ridiculous game, but certainly not as one-sided as Chelsea and Madrid fans like to believe.

    Chelsea = 3-4 Penalties

    Barcelona = 1-2 Penalties, 2 unfair decisions involving red cards

  5. They have some reason to be bitter (even if they do turn a blind eye to the other half of the poor refereeing decisions).

  6. suck it chelsea fans. go barca! no matter what you say barca will always be da best. you guys are just bitter cause we won

  7. they dive all the time … not only this match but all the bloody time , and im a manchester united fan and i feel so sorry for chelsea

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