25 thoughts on “Audio of Chelsea’s John Terry denying he is a racist

  1. hope your leg is smashed to peices you racist cunt, ironic that your mate suarez did it, i hope anton and rio are jacking off to the news about your injury, made my fucking yearr

  2. Filthy Broken Britain,

    Don’t mention ‘wife-writing’?

    Don’t mention the UK’s black & asian pillaged slums? (The same property in an asian slum is worth 25-33% of the normal figure – ask any agent in any town).

    Don’t mention the ethnic military mercenaries in the NHS & public services?

    Ok, – Then don’t mention you OR your damaged children.

    Autism Genocide – (Flickr)
    Anna Funder (Author – Stasiland)


  3. what do you mean asia look ur cars parts etc they made all in asia. dumb fuck Anti trade is a code word for anti-business Dumb fuck

  4. The reason anti-racist is a code word for anti-White is due to the insistance that EVERY White country and ONLY White countries are flooded with millions of non-whites and forced to ‘assimilate’. They do not insist Asia is flooded with millions from the third world. They don’t insist Africa is flooded with millions of non-blacks and make them ‘assimilate’ . It is GENOCIDE. White Genocide.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  5. You seem to have a lot of anger young man. I recommend an actual woman instead of watching videos on how to attract them.

  6. What I have seen are people’s true colours during this whole affair. I have been very surprised to see people leaping to the defence of ‘JT’. My Christmas card list gets shorter and shorter. This has really tainted what I thought was a progressive football club. It will haunt them even after he retires. The failed ‘cover up’ is more shocking than Terry’s outburst.

  7. Wrong! So if people protest against African students being attacked in China during an anti-racist campaign, is that being anti-white too? What about. Repeating a false comment does not make it true and your comment is not true. Racism comes from all sides and angles. I know Japanese people who hate Indians. Is that anti-white too?

  8. Im a JT fan but if he thought Anton accused him of that he should have never ever repeated it. He’s getting a just ban and should just come out, apologise and make it clear that using racially discriminative insults, whether repeating them or not is entirely unacceptable anywhere.

  9. I dobt he is a real fan of Arsenal. Terry may be a good defender but he is a bad example of a captain.

  10. you are no arsenal fan!
    the guy is a great football player but in life HE IS PURE SCUM

    ‘like father like scum’

  11. who the fuck cares about niggers? only zionist jews but on other hand in africa and asia they support the poverty and the wars what a paradox situation…

  12. I heard that a sexologist, Magnus Hirschfeld, was the one who changed the word from racialist to racist. The word was possibly changed because its easier to grimace and bear your fangs when you accuse somebody of it. All for effect to maximise disapproval and make people fear being accused of it. The word racialist is less conducive to express such disapproval.

  13. Half the problem is hypersensitivity to such words. When things are said out flashpoint anger, all kinds of insults are hurled to convey those emotions. It doesn’t mean that JT is racist or not. He was just expressing anger. Its feasible that AF is potentially the racist, since he had time to cool down his anger. Then he cooly takes the verbal exchange out of proportion by taking JT to court. Potentially to damage JT’s career. That to me, is an act of racism.

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