22 thoughts on “John Terry – Just a dream “Captain, Leader, Legend ! 2011/2012 !” By MaT9

  1. Oh so that’s a lie is it? I didn’t even mention his racist behavior towards Anton Ferdinand. As your manager would say “this is a fact”. It isn’t talking shit if it’s the truth is it?

  2. How’s he a good captain? He gets himself sent off and fucks his teammates’ wives!

  3. I fucking love John Terry, he is the greatest leader ever in the history of football!

  4. cmon bro. JT is a good finisher but that’s just a very small fraction of everything he does for Chelsea.

    This vid is ONLY of JT scoring goals.

  5. JHON TERRY my wife tought tht i was kinda gay cuz of U … I LOVE CHELSEA, IM BLUE TILL THE DEATH OF ME !!!!!

  6. John Terry got something that many captains doesn’t have, and that is blue heart he can die for his club. Fuck all haters John Terry is the best captain ever! like if you agree 🙂

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