24 thoughts on “Drogba penalty Champions League Munich 2012

  1. Right after the net bulged, the entire day became one big blur of joy and alcohol!
    Congrats to Munich for winning the CL, but thank God it didn’t happen against us!!

  2. Rawrep you chump it was called the European cup not the champions cup. The rest of your comment can kiss my Chelsea champions league winning arse.

  3. Hey guys, I recently made a motion graphics animation based on this very moment!! I’d love if people could check it out. As fellow Chelsea fans I promise you will love it! Head on over to my channel or use this link /watch?v=24k5-tZa8Ks Thanks and sorry if this comment annoys anyone. Haha. Thumbs up so people can see? Possibly? Haha

  4. The most undeserved win in the history of Champions Cup/Champions League, unbelievable luck on such a shitty team lol.

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