25 thoughts on “John Terry – Chelsea’s Captain, Legend

  1. He is not perfect but he is a great player on the pitch and that’s all that matters!

  2. JT is an asshole, he can’t led chelsea team, i am not feel sorry to say this but he is an asshole.

  3. as much of a dick as he is, the man is and was a quality, quality defender; for club and country

  4. you are indeed a cunt. How sad are you to keep commenting on this video. You commented ober one month ago and now your still commenting. If you don’t like him why watch the video? Haters are gonna hate. But to be fair no one gives shit about you. Much love and peace xx

  5. For the people who hate the best defender in the premier league why are you watching a video about you fucking jellous wankers I’m guessing you’re all Manchester unishit fans

  6. ‘LOOOOL!’ Already you sound like some little kid. Therefore…you are not worth my time. Bye

  7. Why the hell are people mad about him wearing a kit. The only people who should be mad about that are CFC fans and,none of them are

  8. If you hate Terry for arguing with the refs you must hate every spainish player. Such a retard.

  9. He is the biggest dick-head in Football, arguing with the Referee, acting like a Racist knob and faking his injuries. Fucking wanker!

  10. The biggest joke and most embarresing cunt in football history. Who puts on a kit to go lift a trophy in a game you didnt play in. He put the shin pads on aswell. What a fucking embarresing cunt of a guy.

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