25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba backs Mourinho return

  1. As a Chelsea fan I can understand that.Return?Maybe as a coach but not as player.He end his career here with that famous penalty against Bayern in UCL final.I think he will stay at Gala or move elsewhere to play regualry.

  2. NONE OF Y’ALL DONT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH WE LOVE AND RESPECT DIDIER AS GALA FANS.He already brought the cups to us.We would do anything to keep him here in gala which he loves also BUT he might be back in CHELSEA NEXT YEAR.I hope we can reach to better PLACE IN CL league this year than quarter finals of last year

  3. well yeah cause he didn’t coach man u or man city he coached chelsea

  4. Didier Drogba is a football Legend. One of the best footballers of all time.

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  6. Enjoy it Gala, while you can, because he will be back to the bridge. No one loved him like the blues, and no one will ever.

  7. Are you shitting me? He can’t control big players??? Would you call Drogba, Terry, Deco, Ballack Calvaho and co small players?… This man always treats his players like sons… And Chelsea has always been his first choice if returning to Premier League. Not Man u not Man city

  8. Do you even know his story.. If you know his story, you wouldn’t be saying what you are saying… Do not call him arrogant because whatever he is saying is true. Check his story with Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid… He won all the major titles, Premier league 2X, Serie A and La Liga, 2 Champions league, Eufa Cup and other domestic cups. Do you think that is easy to do, ordinary people don’t always do extraordinary things, he is truly the Special One.

  9. Yes i agree, but mourinho isnt that same invincible person; he struggled against barca got beat by borussia with ronaldo, ozil, alonso etc he cant control big players like alex ferg’ because he has too big an ego himself. Plus mourinho is a thug, he pulled tito vilanovas eye out like WTF! Now he is trying to play mind games, unsettlling rooney. I just think he is a very fishy person, united had class to turn him down. He will not say by CFC was his second option on returning to england.

  10. Chelsea won many cups after Mourihno left. League title in 2010 and different cups including Champions league and Europa League. With Mourihno returning to Chelsea to coach these young talented players would be deadly and so good. Just like back in the days with Robben(Hazard), Drogba(Lukaku), Joe Cole(Mata), Makelele(Ramires), Essien(Still Present) Lampard(S P), Petr Cech(S P) Calvaho(David Luiz), Terry(S P), Ashley Cole(S P), Ballack(Oscar), Deco(De Bryne), Wright Phillips(Schurle).We’re back

  11. You are right but i’m sure Jose Mourinho can make good use of them and improve them, I believe he can do that. He is the special one. And besides, Lukaku is a good player, a good finisher and his young, still have a lot to learn. Mourihno is the man for him. Oh boy Lukaku is fortunate.

  12. What’s the point. He had the perfect ending to his Chelsea career. He’s too old. His legacy will live on with Lukaku.

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