20 thoughts on “Leicester SA – Nov 09

  1. Back when the Tigers were good and not losing all their players because of Cockerills piss poor man management

  2. Shame that when Australia came to Welford rd, they went out to not get embarrassed like this

  3. Still claiming its there 4th team, but that means that they are the 4th best at that position in the whole of SA and wait I can guarantee that about half were 1st team. You got beaten fair and square by a league team.

  4. Tour I think, or Leicester are lenging them coz they played Australia too ??

  5. @TheApl22 And you assume this was even close to a first choice Leicester side?

  6. Rose + Adams + Nokwe + Olivier in the line up = fourth or fifth team
    Fortunately you beat them, if not it would have been the shame

  7. @termite295 yeah Manu has gone from strength to strength, more destructive and unpredicatable.

  8. why does Will Greenwood always have to whisper the commentary? it annoys me tbh

  9. And how is it a fourth team? Listen to the commentary, you can hear that the South African team contains many first teamers, so stop whinging, you got beat, end of.

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