Man United Lacking Fight

Roy Carroll, the ex Manchester United keeper has accused David Moyes, the new boss of Old Trafford for the lack of fight they are facing at the moment. Carroll has witnessed his Olympiakos squad inflict a damage of 2-0 defeat in the Champions League last week. He is pretty assertive about the fact that post the retirement of their ex boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, the players have continuously shrugged off responsibilities.

The thirty six year old goal keeper spoke to a reputed television channel saying that the 1st leg win was completely shocking for quite a number of media individuals, but somehow the players themselves know that as a team they sure has some chance. He further added that he has watched quite a number of Premier League Matches during this season and he was almost astonished to see how the players have been performing. One night while watching the game live from stands, he could believe his eyes how team Man United was performing.

The team has pretty good footballers but somehow they strongly lacked the killer instinct and the fighting spirit. Hence in a way the defeat came as a shock, but considering the way they played, it was bound to happen. However, the goals they bagged certainly deserved. Carroll stressed up the fact that one can be a fantastic player, but until and unless, he gives his cent percent, it doesn’t really matter. And to him, Manchester United didn’t put in that 100 percent.

They might have walked into the field thinking that the game will be an easy one, but no professional should proceed to a game with an attitude as such.

Next he complained that since Moyes has come in as the new boss, United has been facing tough luck time and again and they have definitely slacked off since the departure of Sir Alex.