7 thoughts on “Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea – John Terry & Frank Lampard Post Match Interview

  1. Why is Chelsea’s best bud Martin Atkinson still allowed to ref matches?? let alone matches involving Chelsea and Utd vs Chelsea games as well where he’s made most of his cock-ups. Now he’s just added to an already long list of bad decisions favoring Chelsea. He thinks they’re allowed to play spider rush…. prick, blatant handball.
    Oh well, Bayern beat Chelsea today HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. rooney and teery both played well but because there was no goals he edged rooney and valencie wasnt good he missed some verry easy passes

  3. Where did Terry come from with MOTM? Even Chelsea supporters admit Rooney was everywhere that game and dictated it, and Valencia made a few good breaks when there wasnt any other options, it was between antonio and wayne

  4. Its easy to spot an individual in this society cus they dnt hate john terry like the sheepish others

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