24 thoughts on “Didier Drogba – Gone But Never Forgotten – By Feroze

  1. May i ask why Are you here, slating Drogba! bit sour you havent won silverware for 9 years :). if you havent got anthing good to say, bye bye. i love your fake comment about good riddance, why watch the video. Drogba 11 LEGEND <3

  2. It is ridiculous but you’re too biased to accept so. Yeah I know Suarez is a cheat are you telling me drogba isn’t? Mug!

  3. Of course I may be biased, but it’s not a completely ridiculous statement, considering Mata got 20 goals and 36 assists in all competitions last season, and that’s not a bad record for 60 games or so. And I think you are also biased, calling Drogba a cheat, yet having your profile picture as Suarez, a footballer currently banned for the next 6 games.

  4. I don’t deny that he is a good player, just that he cheats more than any other player, and I personally think Juan Mata is a better player, though that is debatable. But he’s not even an Arsenal player, and I doubt he will be.

  5. God, you’re everywhere, aren’t you? Anyway, big words for a guy with Suarez as his profile picture.

  6. I am juventus fan, and i liked chelsea only because of him, he is fucking legend, because of players like him i like football.. i almost cried when i watching this… i cant belive, why some players cant play forever!? Thank you DROGBA!

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