25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba singing “Super Frank”

  1. In inevitable flood of “goodbye” videos…let me just start off with this

  2. i love frank lampard, even when he was at chelsea. Now hes wearing the sky
    blue for city and i couldnt be happier! Chelsea and City, may we both be at
    the top fighting for the league for many years to come. CTID!

  3. As any one realize that all the champions league penalty takers is. No more
    at Chelsea expect for the return of drogba

  4. we will never forget you Didier, he will back to the true home, even
    against us, is a good fact, we can back to this good times, i believe that,
    new legends and new great players will appear, but like Didier or Lamps,

  5. yer unique is the right word. . . no team has ever got soooooo lucky in a
    whole year of CL football :O one in a billion unique

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