20 thoughts on “Northampton Saints vs Leicester Tigers – 2013 Aviva Premership Rugby Final

  1. I was the mascot for Leicester Tigers in this video I'm the girl one the right ??

  2. Did you guys see what Courtney Lawes did to Toby Flood? About 10 minutes later he did it again.

  3. Foden should be wearing England's colours again! He was only out because of injury.

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  6. also dont lecture me on how to get over a loss, ive had my fair share and i guarantee as a saints fan i've had more disappointment than you

  7. ive played rugby for 12 years and been a qualified ref for 4, im the first to say when the referee has made good call against my team because i know what its like… the laws that specify when a ball is live and dead say that in this situation the half should have ended, when i have said you have replied with some made up laws, you're right i do want it written specifically in the laws because if it isnt then Barnes should not have enforced it….

  8. Barnes acted according to the laws, you just don't want to acknowledge it. No one else is arguing that the drop-out is illegal and that the option of the scrum was still playable. As a fan and as a player I lost on what I considered unfairly a lot of times, whether I was right or wrong, I learned that I just can't go back and do something about it but the best is to dig it really deep and move on.

  9. referee's, as well as ensuring safety of the players and that the players also abide by the laws of the game, are there to manage the game with continuity… there is a law stating that the hindmost player of the scrum has to be the one to pick the ball up if a scrum wheels, however it almost always is the No.8, that is against the law but is never penalised, If Barnes had some sort of sense of this maybe he would have ended the half as everyone thought he would and thought he should…

  10. He said 'no' three times. If taking the victim position makes you feel better then do, but this argument has no point anymore, you don't want to understand the rules and you are seeing and hearing what is best to your interests instead of what actually happened.

  11. the same principle does not apply, that is why they are covered in different laws in the law book, if the same principle applied then that would be stated, since it isnt stated im going to say that its not true, but im sorry intentionally infringing a law? Myler asked if he could kick the ball into touch and Barnes said yes, if Barnes had penalised him for that he would never referee again for the ridicule he'd receive…

  12. The same principle applies but since you want a specific action to be written in the laws you'll never be satisfied.
    Per definition a drop-out is used to restart play after the ball went dead, hence an illegal drop-out won't restart play and choosing an option is not a restart. If this still doesn't satisfy you then the referee should've called a penalty against Myler according to law 10.2(a) for intentionally infringing a law by kicking a drop-out directly into touch.

  13. well again you're wrong, those laws apply to restarts not drop outs as is stated clearly on the page you just posted… the laws on drop outs such as the one we are discussing do not start until law 13.10… and the only thing about a drop out going straight into touch is in law 13.14 which you already quoted and doesnt specify anything about the ball being dead or live or the kick being void…

  14. irblaws dot com/index.php?domain=10&clarlaw=5&clarification=2
    "The referee will offer the non-offending team the options provided by Law 13.7, 13.8 and 13.9 respectively and the match continues until the ball next becomes dead."

  15. from what you're saying after the kick the ball never became live, however lets say a tigers player knocked the ball on as it was in the air or before it bounced, that is an offence so the ball is live… that means the ball next becomes dead when the scrum is given which was after time was up… meaning the half should have ended, there is no law in the lawbook stating the definition of the ball being live so if you can provide it then please enlighten me…

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