Jurgen Klopp criticized

Former Liverpool midfielder DietmarHamann has questioned the club decision to give the German manager Jurgen Klopp a six-year contract.

He believes that the board has led themselves carried by the emotion and not the head.

DietmarHamann said that Klopp has yet to convince the fans that he is a good manager and so far he has not done a lot. He stated that there is no way that Liverpool can challenge for the title at the moment and that major changes are needed if they wanted to win the title last season.

DietmarHamann said that Klopp has no plan B when it comes to winning matches when his Gegenpressing style is not working. For him, this tactic does not work in the Premier League because teams know how to sit back and hit you on the break.

The problem with Klopp is that he is so used to using this tactic in the Bundesliga that he is finding it hard to adapt in the Premier League.

DietmarHamann believes that the sooner the manager realizes that this tactic is not working in the Premier League the better it will be for Liverpool. The former midfielder believes that the Jurgen Klopp is also guilty of not having signed a left-back during the summer. Although James Milner is a great player, DietmarHamann believes that Jurgen Klopp is making a mistake in playing him at left-back every game.

DietmarHamann said that there need to be a change in tactics if Liverpool is going to be successful. For him, Jurgen Klopp is not the right person to manage Liverpool, and he feels that very soon the fans will realize that and there will be a change in the mood.

He said that the aim of Liverpool at the moment would be to qualify for the Champions League and even this might be quite difficult given the form they are in.