For a season that started with a refreshing capable mind and hand in the mould of Dutch man Frank de Boer plus the impressive run in the late stages of the previous, Inter’s collapse – yet again – is now downright depressing.

In winning the treble with Jose Mourinho 7 years ago, few could have imagined that even if the sun in Milan was going to go down, such nadir was least expected. Like a temporary twilight, champions have always had to get a few knocks right after triumphant eras, and they do bounce back most of the time.

No team stays champions forever, but Inter’s case has become something far bigger than common latent of form slumps that affect great teams.

It is good to note that outsides the law of diminishing return carrying out its course, an unfavourable economic climate that came over Italy back in the day – something that affected every club –was part of the factors that sent the Neazzurri down this path.

In being coached by 10 different men in the past 7 seasons Internazionale board of directors have clearly gave in their all in a bid to get back to familiar heights all to no avail. It got so bad the owner was forced to sell to the Sunning Holdings group in 2013.

That is pretty much a big deal for an Italian. It is like selling your soul for the tinniest bit of success and Inter, having seen how they were outspent and forced to settle for second-rate transfer window targets had no choice but to sell.

Yet 4 years on and the success they craved for seems more and more out of their reach despite having their spending power increased.

At this point no one can say exactly what is wrong with the Lombardy-based club. Where they go from here remains anybody’s guess.